Parenting Training Programs

The Family Tree offers a range of free evidenced-informed programs designed for families seeking training to strengthen parenting skills, improve child behavior, or manage specific challenges related to child rearing. Such practices promote children’s cognitive, social, emotional and behavior changes and the parent’s capacity to raise healthy, safe children. Classes are offered throughout the week at our headquarters office in Baltimore City and select community-based locations. Programs include:

Positive Parenting Program (PPP) - 10 week program, all parents

The PPP curriculum is our most intensive, comprehensive parenting program designed for those seeking support in a broad range of parenting and child behavior management skills.  It is founded on the principle that all parents have the ability to form a safe and nurturing environment for their children.  Parents and caregivers are encouraged to be active participants in the learning process that respects personal values and belief systems.  Find out more.

Empowering Families and Moving through Anger - 10 week program, all parents

Regulating emotions can be challenging particularly during the child rearing years.  Managing anger can be hard for parents and have negative consequences on their child's development. Parents will learn effective ways to manage their anger while learning positive parenting practices.  Find out more.

MENS Program (Men Encouraging, Nurturing and Supporting) - fathers and children

MENS is a comprehensive program aimed at improving child well being through responsible and nurturing fatherhood. MENS offers a variety of tools and resources for supporting father’s positive parenting practices and children’s healthy development and behavior. Case management, support groups, parent training, referral, recreational and mentoring activities are offered.  Find out more.

Strengthening Families Program (SFP) - 14 week program,  parents with children 11-14 years

The Strengthening Families Program is designed for families affected by or at risk for substance abuse.  Parents and children participate in SFP, both separately and together.  Find out more.


Other programs available upon request by providers

The Nurturing Program - 14 week program, parents with children 0-14 years

This program for families with children 0-14.  The Nurturing Program is an innovative approach designed to empower parents to meet the wide range of family needs.  Find out more.

Incredible Years - 8 week program, parents with children 2-8 years

This is a well proven and effective multimedia program for parents with children aged 2-8 designed to reduce a child's behavioral problems and improve their social and emotional competency at home and at school.  Find out more.

Guiding Good Choices - 5 week program, parents with children 11-14 years

The Guiding Good Choices program is designed for parents with children 11-14.  This program aims to reduce risky behavior among tweens/teens by teaching the importance of family involvement in guiding the good choices of their children.  Find out more.

Parents Who  Care - 5 week program, parents with children 15-17 years

The Parents Who Care program is designed for those with children 15-17.  Raising teens these days can be a challenge. This program gives parents skills to help transition their teen from childhood to adulthood.  Parents will get important tips on how to care for their teens during these stressful years.  Find out more.


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