Family Stories


Amy and Bill's Story

Amy and Bill thought they knew how to raise children. They quickly learned it was more of a challenge then they ever imagined. They struggled to raise their four year old. With another child on the way, they knew they needed help. Amy and Bill attended parenting classes and learned new ways to discipline and communicate with their son. The change was immediate. 

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Cara's Story

Cara dropped out of school and got into drugs and other trouble, spending most of her time on the streets. At 15, Cara got pregnant. She was scared. She was a kid herself. How could she care for a baby? Then, one day, her aunt brought home a flyer for The Family Tree’s “Just for Moms” Program, a program for teen mothers. It was being offered at the local hospital in her neighborhood. Cara went to sit in on a class and it ended up changing her life. For the first time, she was with people who really understood her. With their help, she learned how to care for herself, care for her baby, and how to be a good parent. As a result, Cara realized she needed to finish her education. She is now studying to take her GED.

Shirley's Story

Shirley enrolled in The Family Tree’s 12-week, curriculum-based Positive Parenting Program and found the answers she needed. The program gave her something solid to learn from and she liked being able to bounce ideas off of other parents. “The classes taught me how to handle things for both my kids and myself,” Shirley says. “I really began to improve as a mother. It helped me see the good and the love, no matter how hard things were.” Today, Shirley and her son are working together to create consequences and behavior options and he is better able to handle his feelings. As for Shirley, she is now one of The Family Tree’s most dedicated volunteers. “I want to give people what was given to me: a lifeline for getting through the day.”

Adam's Story

Adam was not really involved in his daughters' life until her mother abandoned them.  Then, Adam found himself homeless and responsible for raising his daughter alone. He was lost until he found The Family Tree's MENS program. The program helped him find housing, a job, and the support he needed to build a strong relationship with his child.  For the first time, he had choices in life.

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John's Story

John was a father of three who was arrested and charged with child abuse. He was raising his children the way he was raised. He did not understand it was abuse. He came to The Family Tree ashamed of his situation, unclear of what help he would get. He left empowered with the tools he needed to make a change for his family. The first thing he did was apologize to his children, then forgive himself. From there, the healing began.

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