Family Stories


Ron's Story

When I started my parenting class at The Family Tree, I began to realize what it meant to be a good parent. I kept going to the classes and each week I learned new ways to raise my son. Before long, my friends at The Family Tree had helped me figure out my strengths and find the confidence to use them. For the first time, I saw the possibilities of a happy, healthy future with my son.

Amy and Bill's Story

Amy and Bill thought they had all the knowledge they needed to raise their children. They quickly learned just how challengng it is as they struggled to raise their four year old. With another child on the way, they knew they needed help. Amy and Bill attended parenting classes and learned new ways to discipline their son, communicate, and help him grow happy and healthy.

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Joy's Story

The Parents Anonymous® support group has helped me to go on, to say the way I’m doing it just isn’t working and to take a breath. I learned that you can worry all you want, but that doesn’t change things. You learn how to handle those everyday storms, when they refuse to do homework or break curfew.

Simone's Story

Simone was excelling in her career with a beautiful four-month-old son. She recently returned to work full time, yet her husband, who saw himself as the primary bread winner, was rarely home. This left Simone alone to cope with Mikey, who cried hours on end. The couple had few friends and family nearby, and the isolation was exhausting and overwhelming. Simone started to take her frustration out on the baby. She felt guilty and ashamed because she loved her son and wanted to be a good mother. Thankfully, she was enrolled in a home visitation program and The Family Tree helped her cope.

Ward's Story

The parenting program pushed me to come to terms with my own abilities and willingness to change because I wanted to for myself and I needed to as support for my girlfriend.

Adam's Story

Adam was not really involved in his daughters' life until her mother abandoned them.  Then, Adam found himself homeless and responsible for raising his daughter alone. He was lost until he found The Family Tree's MENS program. The program helped him find housing, a job, and the support he needed to build a strong relationship with his child.  For the first time, he had choices in life.

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Mary's Story

The classes taught me how to handle things for both my kids and myself. I really began to improve as a mother. It helped me see the good and the love, no matter how hard things were.

Anna's Story

Anna, an 8-year-old girl, began attending the Children’s Program while her mother was in parenting classes. When she first came, she was closed off, tough, and did not want to interact with anyone, including her nine-month old half brother. She did not like or trust people. Her mother had just been released from jail - again. The next week, she was relieved to see the same staff in the children’s room. She spoke a little more, and participated in the group activity. As the weeks progressed, Anna’s behavior changed. She began to communicate more, answering questions with details instead of short responses. After three months, Anna was a completely different person - sharing thoughts, feelings, and stories she reads with us.

Jackie's Story

Jackie regularly attended The Family Tree's Parents Anonymous® Program. Her son attended the Children's Program where he learned to share his feelings and communicate with his peers. He learned a lot from Miss Pearl, his favorite teacher. 

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Ken's Story

Thank you Parent Leaders for your amazing work at the Grow Your Kids conference. Your partnership has allowed us to reach many new families. We look forward to working together in the future.

Shirley's Story

Shirley enrolled in The Family Tree’s curriculum-based parenting class and found the help she long needed. “The classes taught me how to handle things for both my kids and myself,” Shirley says. “I really began to improve as a mother. It helped me see the good and the love, no matter how hard things were.” Today, Shirley and her son work together to create consequences and behavior options, and he is better able to handle his feelings. As for Shirley, she is now one of The Family Tree’s most dedicated volunteers. “I want to give people what was given to me: a lifeline for getting through the day.”

Deb's Story

The Family Tree's FamFest was great! I loved the family fair and all the activities and free things they had to give away. My kids loved it!  

Tori's Story

Tori, a single mom, was at the end of her rope after a stressful night with her four children. She felt desperate and overwhelmed at the thought of raising her children on her own. Tori remembered the Parenting HelpLine, picked up the phone and placed the call. It was a lifeline for her - in this moment of crisis and when she just needed advice here and there.

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Jayson's Story

My mom was really afraid to be a single mom; I was going to be a lot for her to handle on her own. Now she knows we can make it thanks to The Family Tree's home visitation program.

Carlos' Story

Carlos was four months old when his mother called the Parenting HelpLine. His mom was working 40+ hours a week (despite her postpartum depression), and his dad worked well into the evening. Carlos was a colicky baby and would sometimes cry for hours on end. His mom was exhausted, overwhelmed and barely able to cope with the demands on her life. She started having thoughts of hurting her baby and those feelings scared her. That’s when she called our Parenting HelpLine. A trained counselor listened, offered support, and reassured her there were positive steps she could take. She also recommended Mom join a Parents Anonymous® Group so she could talk to other parents and feel less alone. At the end of the call, Carlos’ mom was calm and prepared to care for herself, as well as Carlos.

Sharice's Story

The biggest thing I have gotten is knowledge. I can consistently go back and refer to what I learned when something comes up and I’m not sure how to handle it. And I can pass on what I learned to other parents with young children.

Rona's Story

Rona is a single working mother to a bright and energetic 4-year-old boy. With no family or friends to help her, she felt isolated and powerless, desperate for a break or even just a good night’s sleep. Her days consisted of going to work and coming home to care for her son. Rona frequently became aggressive, impatient, and confrontational with those around her, including her son’s teachers. Desperate to find help, she called The Family Tree’s 24/7 Parenting HelpLine and was immediately linked to a Parents Anonymous® Support Group near her home. She started attending the group and her son attended the companion program for children. Eight months later, Rona and her son haven’t missed a session. She loves the group and says that she is finally beginning to find patience and joy in each day.

Donnie's Story

My Dad saw a little bit of light at the end of the tunnel. He learned new ways to deal with his anger.

Sarah's Story

Sarah, an unemployed mom exhausted and defeated by the struggle of raising three young children, felt she had no where to turn for help. After a night of misbehavior, she was on the verge of hitting her children. It was the only way she could control them. Instead, Sarah picked up the phone and called The Family Tree. A kind voice on the other end connected her to a home visitation program. Her home visitor helped her develop her parenting skills, connected her with community resources, and helped her feel she wasn't alone. She learned effective ways to discipline her kids and there were people she could lean on for support. For the first time, she had hope.

Brad's Story

In comparison to when I entered the support group, my boys have improved tremendously. My sons have gone from having 36 school absentee days, to my 9-year-old recently receiving all As and one B and my 12-year-old continually making the honor roll. It is amazing.

John's Story

John was a father of three who was arrested and charged with child abuse. He was raising his children the way he was raised. He did not understand that was abuse. He came to The Family Tree ashamed of his situation, unclear of what help he would get. He left empowered with the tools he needed to make a change for his family. The first thing he did was apologize to his children, then forgive himself. From there, the healing began.

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Ray & Amy's Story

I would definitely recommend The Family Tree to parents who need support. They helped us a lot to become better parents.