You Can Protect Children through Facebook

It's easier than ever to raise money that will keep children in your community safe from harm and neglect. Create a Facebook Fundraiser on behalf of The Family Tree. This new Facebook feature allows you to share your philanthropic passions with friends and family - and to get them involved.

Visit to start one today. Read this How-To Guide to get started and these 10 Tips for Successful Fundraisers

Our Summer 2017 Campaign

This summer, we are raising funds so that we can offer free child sexual abuse prevention trainings to parents throughout Maryland. Here are tools to help you easily set up a fundraiser:

The facts are shocking. One in 10 children will be the victim of sexual abuse before their 18th birthday.

Despite this startling statistic, it’s a silent epidemic that people are afraid to talk about. As much as we'd like to think it doesn't happen around us, it can occur anywhere - to anyone. The new Netflix documentary "The Keepers" is a tragic example that hits far too close to home.

The Family Tree's Enough Abuse Campaign educates parents on knowing and reducing risk factors, recognizing the warning signs, having open conversations about boundaries with their children, and more.

Let's educate parents this summer before it's too late.



We can't thank you enough for your support of this important initiative!