Flip the Script

Your "Talk" Kit

We know that parenting isn't easy. Almost every parent lashes out at their child at some point. Yet the words you use can have a real impact. Fortunately, there are strategies that can help, like replacing negative words with positive ones. The Family Tree's new Flip the Script campaign shows how you can better communicate with your kids. It’s just one facet of our overall effort to help parents like you turn things around.

What We Know

According to a University of Pittsburgh study, yelling at a child and can be just as harmful as hitting. Researchers found that harsh verbal discipline can cause children to misbehave at school, lie to parents, and become aggressive, antisocial or depressed. Yet we also know that parents struggle with finding effective ways to discipline their children (national parent survey from Zero to Three). In fact, 69% of parents say that if they knew more positive parenting strategies they would use them.

How You Can Flip the Script

Learn more in our 30 second campaign video.

Learn and practice these communication and behavior management techniques - straight from our signature Parenting for Success handbook!

Keep your calm. Here are 5 tips to avoid emotional hurt or abuse.

Patient parenting starts with self care. Find time every day for physical, mental, and/or spiritual care.

Are your discipline strategies not working? Here are preventive and intervention strategies that can help.

Build protective factors with these daily activity ideas from the national Children's Bureau for families and organizations.

Enroll in one of our free parenting classes or support groups! Or you can call our 24-Hour Parenting HelpLine for advice day and night.

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Do you ever lash out at your child? You're not alone but the words you use can have a real impact. #FlipTheScript at http://bit.ly/TFTFlipTheScript

April is #ChildAbusePreventionMonth and @familytreemd is helping parents #FlipTheScript. Info every family can use! http://bit.ly/TFTFlipTheScript

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This campaign is supported by the Maryland Department of Health & Mental Hygiene, the Kirk Family Foundation and the Sherman Family Foundation.