General Information



How do I find your facility?

Click here to find directions to our headquarters and to all our other locations.


What services do you offer and what do they cost?

Our services include parenting education, Parents Anonymous® Support Groups, in-home visitation services, anger management classes and much more.  There is no cost for any of our services.


Do you offer services in my area and how do I sign up?

Services are offered in Baltimore City, and in Baltimore, Harford, Howard and Prince George's County. There may also be support services available in Charles and other counties as well. Please call us to find something near you and to register for a class at 410-889-2300.


Do you have parking at your downtown Baltimore office?

We have parking behind our building off 21st Street.  There is also plenty of street parking with meters.


I don't have a car. Are you on a bus route or do you provide transportation?

We do not provide transportation, but we are on the main bus route going north on Charles Street.  For more information, go to the MTA website for Baltimore City at www.mtamaryland.com.


Are you a child care center?

The Family Tree is not a child care center. We do offer child care and child development programs during our education and support groups that meet during the day and at night. For information on the nearest child care center to you, call our 24-Hour StressLine at 800-243-7337.


Do you help with utility bills, housing or food stamps?

No, but if you call our StressLine at 800-243-7337, we can connect you to these services in your area.


Do you help families at the holidays with gifts and/or food?

We do, but can only help families that we are currently serving. If you need assistance during the holidays, please call our 24-Hour StressLine to find the resources in your area to help you.  The number is 800-243-7337.


Do you accept donations of books, clothing or toys for children?

Yes, we do accept donations of new or gently-used books and toys for children, but cannot accept clothing as we do not have the storage space. To donate clothing, please call your local Goodwill or Salvation Army store to make this donation. To donate new or gently-used toys or books, stop by any time and our receptionist will gladly take them and have you fill out a donation form.


How do I make a donation to The Family Tree?

You can now donate online by clicking the 'Donate Now' button at the bottom of the page or download a donation form and send it in by fax or mail with your check/credit card information. Click here for the Donate Now page or click here to see our Wish List. The Family Tree also takes donations of stock, property and cars.  Call the Development Office for more information at 410-889-2300.


I'm a student looking for an internship. Do you accept interns?

We do and welcome all interns!  Call our Volunteer Coordinator, Stephanie Jacobs, at 410-889-2300 ext. 1204 for information and to register.


When should I call the StressLine?

You can call our 24-Hour StressLine any time you have a question or concern about your child or anytime you are looking for a service regarding you and your child’s wellbeing.  Our volunteers and staff will be the calm voice in the storm for you and help you find what you need.


My daughter had a baby in secret and does not want to keep her baby. What can I do for her?

Tell your daughter about the Safe Haven Law.  Maryland was the 38th state to institute a Safe Haven Law, allowing a parent to anonymously abandon a newborn baby without fear of prosecution, as long as the baby is left with a responsible adult, such as a priest, lawyer, or physician, or at an appropriate place, such as The Family Tree, a hospital or firehouse.  It is a completely anonymous and confidential process. The infant will be given medical care, if needed, and will then be referred to Child Protective Services.  From there, the child will be placed for adoption through the foster care system. States vary on what age child will be accepted in a Safe Haven program. In Maryland, the child can be up to 3 days old.  Any personnel can accept the baby and no questions will be asked of the parent as long as they say, “This is a Safe Haven baby”.  For more information, go to the Safe Haven website.


How old do my children have to be to be left alone at home?

In Maryland, a child under the age of 8 cannot be left unattended at home, school or in a car.  If a parent or guardian needs to leave a child who is younger than 8 years old, the parent or guardian must ensure that a reliable person who is at least 13 years old will stay to protect the child. Failure to provide a reliable person to watch the child is a misdemeanor and the parent or guardian is subject to a fine up to $500 and up to 30 days in prison.

Both in and out of the home, parents and guardians must always give proper care and attention to children in their care. Children must not be left alone in situations where they may get hurt.
Md. FAMILY LAW 5-801, Md. FAMILY LAW  5-701, Md. CTS. & JUD. PROC.  3-801