Enough Secrets. Enough Shame.

The Family Tree was selected to adapt a state-wide, research-based child sexual abuse prevention effort in Maryland called the Enough Abuse Campaign. Find prevention tips for parents here!

The Family Tree serves as the lead agency of the multi-sector partnership - Maryland Partnership to Prevent Child Sexual Abuse - created to oversee the planning and implementation of the campaign. Its mission is to prevent child sexual abuse by engaging adults and mobilizing communities in effective prevention efforts at the state and local levels. For a list of all agencies in the Maryland Partnership to Prevent Child Sexual Abuse and for information on the Partnership, click here.

Developed and pioneered in Massachusetts, the model is built on three major goals:

  1. Educating adults about the nature and scope of the epidemic and equipping them with valuable skills to prevent child sexual abuse;

  2. Communicating key prevention messages that parents can share with their children to reduce the risk that children are ever abused;

  3. Advocating for prevention trainings and policies across a wide range of youth-serving organizations to strengthen their ability to protect children under their care.

Learn more in this eye-opening video:


For more information, email Patricia Cronin, TFT's Executive Director. You can also follow us on Facebook for the latest research and tips on child sexual abuse prevention.

To register for our Child Sexual Abuse Prevention trainings, please contact us at 410-889-2300. To request a Child Sexual Abuse Prevention training appropriate for your group/company, please click here.

The Family Tree has partnered with three local sites in Baltimore City and Talbot and Worcester Counties to replicate the campaign throughout the state:



The Cricket Center (Worcester County)