Teen Scene

Growing up can be both an exciting time and also a confusing one in your life. This is a major transition phase when you are growing into an adult. You may discover new friends, interesting places to hang out, and have greater opportunity to make important decisions for yourself. Some of the choices made today could last a lifetime.

Did you know?

At The Family Tree, we encourage you to explore your interests and aspirations to achieve your dreams.  However, we know this is also a time when your emotions may go haywire. You could feel cranky and depressed one day and wild and risk-taking the next. Feelings are always okay. But, remember, what you do about those feelings is your responsibility.

It might help you to understand that during this time your brain works differently than an adult's brain.  You have different levels of hormones and chemicals and, because your brain is still developing, you may feel like you are in overdrive. Don’t feel bad or alone. And don’t wait to reach out to someone when you want support.  Help is a call away. Please call our Family Stressline: 800-243-7337. Or, look around: a teacher, counselor, neighbor or faith leader has a listening ear for you. And, remember, you too can be a source of courage to others.

Here are some fact sheets: