LOCATE for Providers

LOCATE: Child Care is a computerized resource and referral service that:

  • Provides referrals to parents of early care and education programs best suited to their needs
  • Helps parents learn how to recognize quality care settings
  • Collects data to document the need for child care, the cost of child care and the supply of child care in Maryland and reports its findings to legislators, policy makers, advocates, child care professionals and the general public.


How you can help LOCATE…(and Yourself)

LOCATE: Child Care is one (but not the only) tool that providers can use to market their programs. Program records that are complete and accurate help counselors serve the needs of parents best and help us to refer your program to parents looking for services you provide. Here is how you can help LOCATE and yourself:

  • Complete the annual questionnaire that describes your program and services. To complete your questionnaire online:
  • Let us know when there are changes in your program or phone number.
  • Call us monthly at 1-866-752-1614 with your vacancy information.

Why was my neighbor referred and not me?

Every child is different and every parent is looking for a provider or program that best suits his or her family’s and child’s needs. Because of this, sometimes you may be referred and your neighbor may not be, and sometimes the reverse will be true. Since all searches and referrals are based on information from the parent, the counselor may have many (or few) providers that meet the parent’s child care needs. In the case of many providers, the counselor will only give the parent a specific number of names. The LOCATE database is, however, randomized periodically to ensure that the same provider names are not given out repeatedly. You can help counselors refer your program by completing your annual LOCATE questionnaire, letting us know about your vacancies and by keeping us updated on any changes to your phone number or program.

Report Vacancies and Update Fee Information

We encourage you to call LOCATE at 1-866-752-1614 every 30 days to report your vacancies. You can also report vacancies online through the Child Care Vacancies Database.

If you change your fees for any age group, please let us know by calling a LOCATE counselor at 1-866-752-1614 or online at the Child Care Vacancies Database. Fee information provided by licensed and registered providers to the Resource Centers of the Maryland Child Care Resource Network (MCCRN) is combined into a cost of care report for Maryland which is used to determine the market rate for child care. The market rate is used to determine the child care subsidy (POC) payment schedule. Accurate and up-to-date fee information also helps the Maryland Child Care Resource Network advocate for fair compensation for child care providers. For more information on the MCCRN fair compensation efforts go to Child Care Staff Compensation.

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