Raising families up.

The Family Tree leads Maryland in preventing child abuse, connects caring communities, and builds strong families to improve society for generations. As the Maryland chapter of Parents Anonymous®, Prevent Child Abuse America and The National Exchange Club, we nurture hope where there may be none and give it room to grow and flourish.

The Family Tree's FY 2016 Annual Report

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Adam's Story

Adam was not really involved in his daughters' life until her mother abandoned them.  Then, Adam found himself homeless and responsible for raising his daughter alone. He was lost until he found The Family Tree's MENS program. The program helped him find housing, a job, and the support he needed to build a strong relationship with his child.  For the first time, he had choices in life.


Enough Abuse Campaign

The Family Tree (Prevent Child Abuse Maryland) is leading the charge to prevent child sexual abuse in Maryland. Be a part of the solution.

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Lives Changed

My mom was really afraid to be a single mom; I was going to be a lot for her to handle on her own. Now she knows we can make it.

~ Jayson, Home Visiting participant