Baltimore City Child Care Resource Center

Baltimore City Child Care Resource Center (BCCCRC) serves as the hub for issues relating to the care and education of young children in the City of Baltimore. BCCCRC is a member agency of the Maryland Child Care Resource Network, and serves parents, child care providers, the business community and others who are interested in early care and education. BCCCRC is committed to providing leadership and services to improve the quality, accessibility and affordability of child care in Baltimore City.

Baltimore City Child Care Resource Center (BCCCRC) and The Family Tree will be closed on December 25th, December 26th and January 1st.

February & March 2024 Virtual Training Schedule

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February Trainings:

I Can Pretend Too! Dramatic Play Experiences for Infants and Toddlers

Toddlers and Twos engage in dramatic play differently than preschoolers, for toddlers and twos it is all about the objects/materials being offered and how the child imitates how to use the object or material. This workshop looks at how toddlers and twos engage in dramatic play based on their development as well as strategies for supporting dramatic play in the toddler and two-year-old classroom.

2 hours Curriculum

Wednesday, February 21st

6:00pm – 8:00pm

$10.00 Must pre-register

What is in their Backpack? The Impact of Trauma

This engaging workshop discusses the effects and impact that trauma can have on the brain. It not only affects children in the moment, but throughout life if gone untreated. By understanding the effects of trauma on the brain, we can gain insight into children’s behavior.

3 hours Child Development

Thursday, February 22nd

6:00pm – 9:00pm

$10.00 Must pre-register

Jumping Into Social Emotional Development

Children’s social and emotional health affects their overall development and learning.  Participants will explore the importance of developing social-emotional skills in young children and how they can support those skills with simple materials. Participants will experience using social-emotional materials and will create materials to utilize in their own program.

2 hours Curriculum

Thursday, February 29th

6:00pm – 8:00pm

$10.00 Must pre-register


March 2024

 Nurturing Brain Development

In this workshop we will look at the science of infant brain development and focus on caring techniques that promote brain development, social emotional development, and communication.

3 hours Child Development

Saturday, March 2nd

9:00am – 12:00pm

$10.00 Must Pre-register

Healthy Meals for Infants and Toddlers

A varied and nutritious diet and good eating habits are essential for infants & toddlers, healthy growth & development. Healthy eating habits are easy to establish early in a child’s life when the parents and caregivers have accurate knowledge of nutritional values. This workshop explores how to help build healthy eating habits in infants & toddlers.

2 hours Health Safety & Nutrition

Wednesday, March 13th

6:00pm – 8:00pm

$10.00 Must pre-register

Medication Administration (In-person)

Note: This class will be held at the Julie Center –100 S Washington Street, Baltimore MD 21231.

This class fulfills the MSDE/OCC requirements for all Child Care professionals.

6 hours Health, Safety and Nutrition

Saturday, March 2nd, or 16th – waiting on date conformation

9:00am – 3:30pm

$60.00 Must pre-register

Including All Children and the Americans with Disability Act (ADA)

This workshop will provide participants with an understanding of the requirements for ADA and inclusionary practices. Participants will leave with a better understanding of best practices and available resources. This training will meet the 3-hour training requirement for MSDE.

3 hours Special Needs

Saturday, March 16th

9:00am – 12:00pm

$10.00 Must pre-register

Educational Equity: Culturally and Linguistically Responsive Literacy

In this training, participants will be able to define equity, describe what culturally and linguistically responsive literature is and determine what books can help celebrate a culturally competent classroom.

3 hours (1 hour Child Development, 2 hours Professionalism)

Wednesday, March 20th

6:00pm – 9:00pm

$10.00 Must pre-register

Recognizing and Reporting Child Abuse and Neglect

Every child care provider is an important part of the effort to eliminate the abuse and neglect of children. You will learn to better recognize the indicators of abuse and neglect, understand your role in responsible reporting, and identify the groups of children that may be at a higher risk of being abused or neglected.

2 hours Health Safety & Nutrition

Thursday, March 21st

6:00pm – 8:00pm

$10.00 Must pre-register

Exploring Scientific Thinking and Inquiry with Children’s Literature

Literature is an ideal vehicle to help young children learn about the world and all that lives in it. This workshop explores the many ways of creating a classroom environment that stimulates scientific thinking and inquiry through preparing fun science activities based on children’s literature.

3 hours Curriculum

Saturday, March 23rd

9:00am – 12:00pm

$10.00 Must pre-register

Adverse Childhood Experiences & Trama Informed Care

This workshop requires the trainer to be familiar with ACEs (Adverse Childhood Experiences), the film Resilience: The Biology of Stress and the Science of Hope, be familiar with the Brain Architecture game, and have read The Deepest Well: Healing the Long-Term Effects of Childhood Adversity. This workshop has a prerequisite course for participants, Resiliency and Adverse Childhood Experiences.

3 hours Child Development

Thursday, March 27th

6:00pm – 9:00pm

$10.00 Must pre-register

Positive Child Guidance and Effective Interactions

The child care professional will define, demonstrate, and develop strategies for positive child guidance and discipline by examining theory and best practices.

3 hours Child Development

Saturday, March 30th

9:00am – 12:00pm

$10.00 Must pre-register

Zoom In Spaces

“Zoom In” are spaces where you can connect with BCCCRC staff and the childcare community in Baltimore City. During these informal sessions you can ask questions, listen to what others share, and learn about a variety of topics related to childcare.

During “Zoom In” Child Development Associate (CDA) sessions you will join a cohort of family childcare providers who want to learn more about the process of earning their CDA’s.

When: Monthly

Time: 6:30-7:30

Preregistration is required.

For more information contact: 

Brandi Walker at


During “Zoom In” Family Childcare Accreditation Support Group sessions you learn about the process of becoming a nationally recognized family childcare program of excellence through NAFCC’s Accreditation Program.

When: Monthly

Time: 6:30-7:30

For more information contact Brandi Walker at


During “Zoom In” Infant & Toddler Advisory Committee sessions you will learn  more about caring for infants and toddlers, curriculum ideas, and resources to share with new parents.

When: Monthly

Time: 11:30-12:30

For more information contact Sue Penix at


During  “Zoom In” Childcare Provider Virtual Support Group sessions you will be given space to

share personal experiences, offer one another emotional and moral support, and discuss a range of topics with the BCCCRC Infant and Early Childhood Mental Health Consultants.

When: 3rd Tuesday of each month

Time: 12:30-1:30

Zoom Link:

Zoom Meeting ID: 864 8781 7720

Preregistration is not required.

For more information contact: Suzanne Funk or Tova Hoicowitz


During “Zoom In” STEAM in a Backpack sessions you will join a community of learners in a discussion group where all things science, technology, engineering, art, and math are shared with an emphasis on the incorporating the natural sciences in fun and exciting ways into your program.

When: Monthly

Time: 6:30-7:30

For more information contact Sue Penix at


During “Zoom In” Credentialing Support Group sessions you will have the opportunity to learn about the credential and receive assistance going through the initial credentialing process or renewing your credential.

When: Monthly

Time: 6:30-7:30

For more information contact Chaquana Truitt at


Find a BCCCRC Group on  Facebook

Supporting Infants and Toddlers in Child Care – This group is a place for providers, parents and those working with infants and toddlers to share curriculum ideas and seek help with issues related to infants and toddlers. To find the group simply type Supporting Infants and Toddlers in Child Care in the in search box on Facebook. For more information contact Sue Penix at


Free Swap Child Care Baltimore, Baltimore & Carroll Counties – This is a group where providers list FREE items related to caring for children that they no longer need but are still in good working order for others who may have a need for them in their program. Items being offered include art and crafts supplies, children’s books, resource books, toys, and furniture for childcare programs. Everything on the site is free. Exchanges are arranged between the two providers for pickup or delivery. To find the group simply type Free Swap Child Care Baltimore, Baltimore & Carroll Counties search box on Facebook. For more information contact Sue Penix at

Baltimore City Child Care Resource Center-The official Facebook site for the Baltimore City Child Care Resource Center. To find the group simply type Baltimore City Child Care Resource Center in the search box on Facebook.


BCCCRC Programs

Training & Technical Assistance for Providers

BCCCRC provides technical assistance and high quality training on a wide variety of topics to assist early care and education providers and others in expanding their knowledge of child development and best practices for caring for young children. The Training Department offers 2-hour to 6-hour workshops, series trainings, and pre-service certificate trainings all of which meet the Office of Child Care’s regulation requirements as well as Core of Knowledge for the Maryland Child Care Credential.

Technical assistance, information, and expert advice are provided to current and prospective child care providers in both family and center based programs.

Early Intervention Project

Providing social/emotional support to Baltimore City pre-school children in child care settings. If you are concerned about your young child’s development, behavior, interaction with peers, or If your child has experienced difficulties in a group setting, the Early Intervention Project can help with free on-site consultation and support for young children in child care or nursery school settings.

Resources For Families & Parents

LOCATE Child Care

Selecting child care is an important decision for you and your child. The quality of care, cost and convenience of location will have a big impact on your lives. LOCATE: Child Care is a free phone service that can help you find child care that fills your needs. LOCATE can also help you find Head Start and Early Head Start programs, private nursery school and kindergarten programs, public pre-k programs, school age programs and summer camps.

LOCATE: Child Care Hours
Monday through Friday
8:30 am – 4:00 pm
Call LOCATE: Child Care at 1-877-261-0060

If you would like to save time and complete the intake form prior to talking with a LOCATE counselor, submit the Parent Intake Form online.

If at any time during your child care search or after making child care arrangements, you should have concerns regarding your child’s care, you can always call LOCATE: Child Care and speak with a referral counselor. If your concern is based on a regulatory issue, you can call the Office of Child Care at 410-554-8300 and describe your complaint to a licensing specialist or a LOCATE counselor can take the complaint and forward it to the Office of Child Care for you. For concerns about a Child Care Program, Click Here.

Special Needs Services

Do you have a child with a special need? Do you need child care?

LOCATE: Child Care can help you find care that meets your child’s needs!

More Resources for Providers

Online Trainings

Great news….the 90-Hour Pre-service Training (Preschool) is now available through the eLearning platform. Go to the ONLINE CHILD CARE PROFESSIONAL EDUCATION CENTER for registration information and to see all the available high quality eLearning options available.

If you purchased elearning prior to December 7, 2021, you may continue to access those materials here. It is recommended that you complete all purchased training by June 30, 2022, prior to this website being deactivated. Should you have any questions, please contact Maryland Family Network at

LOCATE for Providers

LOCATE: Child Care is one (but not the only) tool that providers can use to market their programs. Program records that are complete and accurate help counselors serve the needs of parents best and help us to refer your program to parents looking for services you provide.

CDA Grant Program

Maryland Family Network, the Maryland State Department of Education (MSDE), and the Council for Professional Recognition are partnering to provide thousands of Maryland’s early childhood educators with financial support to help them earn the Child Development Associate (CDA) Credential. These financial awards will cover registration and other fees as well as books required for the program. By earning their CDA, Maryland’s child care professionals will  expand their career options and have greater knowledge with which to serve young children across our state.

Maryland Family Network’s LOCATE: Child Care is a comprehensive directory of child care offerings throughout the state. Because parents regularly visit this site to make informed decisions about child care, it is critically important that information be accurate and updated. The more complete your listing is, the better MFN can help parents find and choose your child care program.

Please review and, if necessary, update your record today.

Click to update your Child Care Provider Record





BCCCRC helps parents who are looking for child care, provides training and technical assistance for child care professionals, and assists employers interested in helping their employees to balance work and family life. BCCCRC is Quality Assured by Child Care Aware America.




  • Tracy Harris, Director
  • Jennell Bailey, Administrative Assistant
  • Michelle Giove, Program Manager

Training and Technical Assistance

  • Sue Penix, Infant Toddler Coach
  • Brandi Walker, Early Childhood Coach, TA Family Child Care
  • Chaquana Truitt, Early Childhood Coach, TA Center-based Programs
  • Courtney Ross, Technical Assistance Specialist for Growing Opportunities in Family Child Care
  • Dazhane Clark, Technical Assistance Specialist for Growing Opportunities in Family Child Care
  • Whitney Meador, Technical Assistance Specialist for Growing Opportunities in Family Child Care
  • LaTonya Anderson, Family Resource Specialist
  • Nea Williams, Family Resource Specialist
  • Jenae Bell, Early Childhood Business Coach

Infant and Early Childhood Mental Health Consultation

  • Suzanne Funk, Early Childhood Mental Health Consultant
  • Erica Rea, Early Childhood Mental Health Consultant
  • Kelly Darcey, Early Childhood Mental Health Consultant
  • Chakyra Whittington, Early Childhood Mental Health Consultant

    Monday – Friday, 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM

    Resource Room:

    Monday -Friday, 8:30am – 4:00pm or by appointment

    The Family Tree
    2108 N Charles St.
    Baltimore, Maryland 21218

    Google Maps Directions

    Contact Us:
    Phone: 410-889-2300
    Fax: 410-637-8385

    The Baltimore City Child Care Resource Center is a member of the Maryland Child Care Resource Network with funding provided from the Maryland State Department of Education, through Maryland Family Network.

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