Family Resources Conference

Family Services Conference 2023

The Family Tree hosted our First Family Services Conference and Resource Summit on Thursday, September 14, at the Baltimore Convention Center. The event was a resounding success. This transformative event truly lived up to its mission of supporting and empowering pregnant and postnatal mothers and their families.

Through a range of different activities, we aimed to bring needed resources to our community. The event catered to the diverse needs and interests of our attendees. The informative sessions and workshops were packed with practical advice and interactive discussions. The session topics include overcoming financial trauma, breast feeding, cooking demonstrations, fitness, and marijuana usage.  Mothers and families left with a wealth of knowledge and actionable strategies to implement in their lives.

The conference themes and goals included: health and wellness, wealth and financial literacy, and service and community engagement.

  • Health and Wellness: Attendees were treated to a wealth of knowledge in the realm of health and wellness. Experts shared invaluable insights on prenatal care, nutrition, mental health, and general well-being during and after pregnancy. The comprehensive sessions on birthing options allowed mothers to make informed decisions about their individual journey. The postnatal recovery workshops addressed the challenges new mothers face, ensuring they have the tools to navigate this period successfully. Our goal was to help mothers have a positive pregnancy experience and smoother postnatal recoveries. We wanted to prepare and empower mothers to take on the challenges ahead.
  • Wealth and Financial Literacy: Interactive workshops and classes equipped families with the skills needed for effective budgeting and financial planning. Legal experts clarified maternity and parental leave rights, ensuring that no one was left in the dark about their entitlements. The discussions on entrepreneurship and flexible work options inspired mothers to pursue their careers while nurturing their families. Families learned valuable financial management skills to support their growing households and plan for their futures.
  • Service and Community Engagement: The conference highlighted the importance of community engagement. Attendees explored volunteer opportunities, fostering a sense of purpose and connection within the community. Fatherhood engagement was a significant focus, with workshops and discussions emphasizing the essential role fathers play in the pregnancy and postnatal journey. The conference fostered connections among mothers, fathers, and community organizations, providing a robust support network for ongoing assistance. These connections will undoubtedly continue to flourish in the coming years.

We brought together over 15 community vendors. It was a bustling hub of activity, with vendors showcasing products and services aimed at enhancing the lives of mothers and families. From maternity wear to baby gear, there was something for everyone.

Everyone had the chance to connect with experts, vendors, and fellow community members, creating a strong support network that will continue to benefit them in the future.

Attendees left the conference armed with knowledge, skills, and resources to make informed decisions and navigate the journey of pregnancy and early motherhood with newfound confidence. The event ensured families in Baltimore are better equipped to embrace the journey of parenthood with confidence and resilience. We look forward to future editions of this transformative event.

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