Graduation Field Trip for Healthy Families Graduates

Fall brings a lot of changes: leave changes, temperature changes, and daylight savings time to just name a few. Taking the little ones outside to enjoy the changing weather is great for their physical, mental, and emotional development. Outside play can include a variety of activities that everyone can enjoy. Playing games such as ‘I Spy’ provides an opportunity for children to learn new words, explore new environments and to connect with YOU!

Last month, families at The Family Tree celebrated fall with a trip to the Pumpkin Patch! The trip included a hay ride, petting zoo, and picking a pumpkin of their choice. This field trip provided a lot of opportunities for parents to talk with their little ones and play I Spy!

Using phrases such as “Do you see the pumpkins? I see something orange! I spy something that says mooo!” allowed parents to support:

  • Social and Emotional Skills: Relationships with Adults and Other Children
  • Language and Communication Skills: Hearing and learning a variety of new words
  • Cognitive Skills: Using problem solving skills to name and identify animals

At the pumpkin patch we also celebrated families who graduated from the Healthy Families Baltimore – Family Tree program. Healthy Families is our research-based home visitation service designed for expecting parents in Baltimore. It offers free support services that include pre-natal and peri-natal medical care, parenting education, skill building resources and connections to community-based programs. Plus, we can serve any Spanish-speaking pregnant mom in the city.

The graduating families illustrated the importance of fostering an environment of learning and growth. Graduation from the program means that families have invested up to four years to learn more about the emotional, social, and physical development of their child.

Check out the graduates practicing outdoor play and playing a game of I SPY on our hayride. If you are interested in learning more about home visiting and The Family Tree, contact us today!

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