Keeping Kids Hydrated

Keeping Kids Hydrated 

     A study from Harvard recently found that 50% of all children in the US are dehydrated. It is important that children drink enough water throughout the day all year, but especially in these hot, summer months! Water needs to be part of your family’s day-to-day life. Some common side effects of dehydration include headaches, poor concentration, thirst, cracked lips, dry mouth, constipation, lethargy and dark urine.  

Here are some tips to keep your children hydrated:

  • Make sure water is easy to find in your home and elsewhere. The simpler water is to access, the more children will get it.  
  • Always keep a water bottle with you on the go and prioritize water over other drinks. Make sure each of your children has their own water bottle to take with them. Draw lines on the side so they can help keep track of how much they have had to drink! 
  • Make drinking water fun! Choose fun cups for kids to pickOccasionally, pick out some new cups as a family!  
  • Remember, fresh fruits and vegetables are a great addition to help with hydration. You can even infuse water with fruit to help add flavor. Check out this list of the most hydrating options! 
  • Be a good role model. Drink a lot of water yourself, and reach for water over juice and soda.
  • Use a water tracker and keep it fun! Download printable from this link!
  • Talk honestly with your children about the benefits of water. Tell them water will help their skin look and feel better and it helps with digestion.  
  • If you have issues getting your child to drink water, ask your pediatrician to speak with your child about how important water is to be healthy.  


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Study finds inadequate hydration among U.S. children | News | Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health 

Navigating parenting today can be hard, but we are here to support you! If you have questions about parenting in general, call our 24/7 Parenting HelpLine: 1-800-243-7337.  

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