Summer Car Safety for the Entire Family

Summer Car Safety for the Entire Family 

      Summer car safety should be in the front of your mind every time you get in the car. Whether you are driving cross county, or just down the road, it is important to follow these safety rules.  

Step one: Make sure all passengers are properly buckled 

Each passenger should be buckled appropriately based on their age, height and weight. If you child needs a booster seat, click here to see guidelines. It is also important to be sure those car seats are installed properly. Luckily, there are many placein your community that can help from certified car seat technicians to inspect your car seat installation. Check out inspection stations near you by following this link. If kids are buckled properly, they are less likely to distract the driver to avoid accidents.  

Step two: Secure potential projectiles. 

Any loose objects in the car should be moved to the trunk. Whether you have a booster seat or sports gear, make sure these objects cannot project forward and impede your driving. Other tips include: 

  • Store items (like bags and purses) on the floorboard of the vehicle or use cargo nets or shields in the back of SUVs. 
  • Use window sunshades that come as clings, instead of those with suction cups or metal bars. 
  • Bring soft toy options to entertain small children, such as stuffed animals or soft books. 
Step three: Prevent kids from overheating in their car seats 

The metal buckles in car seats can heat up when exposed to the sun. Some new car seats come with pockets, but if yours does not, cover it with a towel when you leave the car.  

Step four: Be proactive about teen driving. 

If you have a teen driver, be sure to not only talk to them about seat belts and not texting while driving, but you also need to model the behaviors.  

Step five: Never leave a child in a car unattended.  

Cars heat up significantly hotter and faster than anywhere else. A child should never, under any circumstances, be left in a car alone. Just ten minutes can cause a child to suffer from a heat stroke. Always double check that you children are not in the car when you get out, 54% of all children who have been left in cars were forgotten, many times unintentionally.  If a driver is unaccustomed to transporting a young child, s/he should place a reminder in the front seat as a reminder of the precious cargo in the rear.  

If you need to grocery shop, go to the doctors, or you just need a break, call our Kids Care Plus Child Care Center. We offer free childcare services! Learn more about the program here: Kids Care Plus – The Family Tree ( 

Navigating parenting today can be hard, but we are here to support you! If you have questions about parenting in general, call our 24/7 Parenting HelpLine: 1-800-243-7337.  



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