“A Tree Grows in Baltimore” – A Poem by Ms. Cheryl Moore

To celebrate the start of Parent Leadership Month, we are excited to introduce you to the amazing Cheryl Moore, along with a lovely poem she wrote for us.

About three years ago, Cheryl joined the The Family Tree as a founding member of the Maryland Parent Leadership Team. Since then, she has loved the opportunity to reach out to parents and guardians, sharing what she has learned, and continues to learn, each and every day about raising families up.

As a parent, grandmother, and great grandmother, Cheryl also saw the need for a Parents Anonymous group specifically for grandparents – so she started one that has grown to be very successful!

In addition to her leadership role, two days a week Cheryl brightens up our lobby working at the front desk. She says this is her favorite of the many roles she plays here at The Family Tree. By welcoming the families who come through our doors, she loves how she can meet, greet, and pass on knowledge, and hopes that she helps someone become more aware as a parent and as a leader for the next generation.

For inspiration this month, please take a moment to read the poem from Cheryl, “A Tree Grows in Baltimore.”

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