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The Family Tree leads Maryland in preventing child abuse, connects caring communities, and builds strong families to improve society for generations. A national affiliate of Parents Anonymous®, Prevent Child Abuse America and The National Exchange Club, we nurture hope where there may be none and give it room to grow and flourish.

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Sarah's Story

Sarah, a young, unemployed mom exhausted and defeated by the struggle of raising three young children alone, felt she had no where to turn for help. Her case worker told her she must enroll in services at The Family Tree or face losing custody of her children. This made her angry and resentful. What could The Family Tree do for her and her children? After a night of misbehavior, she was on the verge of hitting her children. It was the only way she could control them. Instead, Sarah picked up the phone and called The Family Tree Parenting HelpLine. A kind voice on the other end coached her through the crisis and connected her to The Family Tree’s Parents Anonymous® Support Group program. At the group, Sarah realized that she was not alone, and that other parents were dealing with the same issues. She learned effective ways to discipline her kids and there were other parents she could lean on for support. For the first time, she had hope – hope for herself and the future.

Enough Abuse Campaign

The Family Tree (Prevent Child Abuse Maryland) is leading the charge to prevent child sexual abuse in Maryland. Be part of the solution.

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Lives Changed

I would definitely recommend The Family Tree to parents who need support. They helped us a lot to become better parents.

~ Ray and Amy, Parenting Training Programs participants