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The Family Tree is Maryland's leading non-profit organization dedicated to improving our community by providing families with proven solutions to prevent child abuse and neglect. A national affiliate of Parents Anonymous®, Prevent Child Abuse America, and The National Exchange Club Foundation, The Family Tree offers volunteer-supported programs and services that aide and educate individuals, families, and communities.

Helping Children Manage the Stress of the Holidays

The holidays can be a time of stress for families. Click here for parenting tips. › Learn More

When Times Are Tough

Kids are affected when they sense that mom and dad are worried about something. Talk to your children honestly, be brief and stick to short explanations when family changes have happened because of money problems. › Learn More

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Rona's Story

Rona is a single, working mother of a very bright and energetic 4-year-old boy. With no family or friends to help her, she felt isolated and powerless, desperate for a break or even just a good night’s sleep. Since she worked long hours, her days consisted of going to work and coming home to care for her son. Rona was constantly fatigued and frustrated, frequently becoming aggressive, impatient, and confrontational with those around her, including her son’s teachers. Recognizing her situation and desperate to find help, Rona called The Family Tree’s 24/7 Parenting HelpLine and was immediately linked to a Parents Anonymous® Support Group near her home. She started attending the group and her son began attending (and loves!) the companion program for children. Eight months later, Rona and her son haven’t missed a session. She loves the group and says that she is finally beginning to see the light at the end of what seemed to her a very long tunnel. She has even become friends with one of the other parents in the group, a single mother of three boys.

Lives Changed

My only peaceful haven is the after-school program run by The Family Tree. There, I can talk about my feelings with other young people and learn how to manage my anger.

~ Lakeisha, Youth Development Participant

Enough Abuse Campaign

The Family Tree (Prevent Child Abuse Maryland) is leading the charge to prevent child sexual abuse in Maryland. Be part of the solution.

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