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The Family Tree is Maryland's leading non-profit organization dedicated to improving our community by providing families with proven solutions to prevent child abuse and neglect. A national affiliate of Parents Anonymous®, Prevent Child Abuse America, and The National Exchange Club Foundation, The Family Tree offers volunteer-supported programs and services that aide and educate individuals, families, and communities.

School is starting soon!

School will be starting up again soon, and that means your child could be experiencing some fear and apprehension about their next grade level, especially if they are coming into a new school. But this can be a stress-free experience! › Learn More

Brent A. Rosenberg Family Fair & Walk

Join us on Saturday, November 8th for the 5th Annual Brent A. Rosenberg Family Fair & Walk. Teams forming now. Come and Walk in support of Maryland's Families. › Learn More

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Cara's Story

Cara dropped out of school and got into drugs and other trouble, spending most of her time on the streets. At 15, Cara got pregnant. She was scared. She was a kid herself. How could she care for a baby? Then, one day, her aunt brought home a flyer for The Family Tree’s “Just for Moms” Program, a program for teen mothers. It was being offered at the local hospital in her neighborhood. Cara went to sit in on a class and it ended up changing her life. For the first time, she was with people who really understood her. With their help, she learned how to care for herself, care for her baby, and how to be a good parent. As a result, Cara realized she needed to finish her education. She is now studying to take her GED.

Lives Changed

My Dad saw a little bit of light at the end of the tunnel. He learned new ways to deal with his anger.

~ Donnie, Parenting Training Programs participant

Enough Abuse Campaign

The Family Tree (Prevent Child Abuse Maryland) is leading the charge to prevent child sexual abuse in Maryland. Be part of the solution.

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