The Family That Volunteers Together Stays Together 

The Family That Volunteers Together Stays Together 

After a year of social distancing, smiling behind a facemask, and staring at screen, it feels like the perfect time to strengthen your family the best way possible by— volunteering. What? Absolutely. Volunteering with your family is a great way to spend time together while also supporting your community. Kids learn responsibility, the importance of giving, and become stewards of their community when they volunteer. But where can an entire family volunteer in Baltimore safely during a pandemic? Check out these great ideas and locations to volunteer right in your neighborhood, backyard, or home computer. Volunteering strengthens your family and builds your community. 

Let us know when you volunteer as a family, take a picture, and use the hashtag #FamilyTreeVolunteer 

Volunteer at Home 
  • Donate Needed Items: Purchase items from the Family Tree Amazon Wish list which includes cleaning supplies, paper products, clothing, school supplies and baby items for us to give to families in need. Share the Amazon Wish list with your friends, school, work, or church group.   
  • Spring Cleaning: It is a great time to clean out your closet, declutter, and donate clothing, old toys, books, and more. Donate to organizations: GoodwillThe Salvation Army,  Franciscan Center of BaltimorePaul’s Place, and more.  
  • Virtual Housewarming PartyBaltimore Care and Rescue Shelter (BARCS) just opened a new facility. Celebrate their new home by collecting blankets, cat food, dog food, toys, cleaning supplies and linens. Check out their list to donate or purchase a housewarming gift to help our furry friends  
  • Writing Letters to Seniors: Write letters and postcards to local nursing home residents. This is a great way to engage kids and be creative. Have them draw pictures and write messages to those that cannot venture out easily.

Volunteer in Your Neighborhood 
  • Clean-up: Spruce up your neighborhood, local park, or nearby playground by picking up trash. Take pride in your neighborhood, help local wildlife like our beloved Baltimore Oriole and Bald Eagle that is harmed by trash in our streams and parks. Do not forget the trash bag and gloves. Make this a family challenge- who can find the most straws to trash? 
  • Help Scientists: Join the City Nature Challenge wherever you live. This challenge takes place April 30-May 3rd which is a weekend of fun to be outdoors and record the amazing plant and animal wildlife in your neighborhood as an official scientist. All you need is a phone, the free app iNaturalist, and you are setIt is exciting to discover all the plant and wildlife in your own backyard.  
  • Local Food Pantry: Find a local food pantry in your neighborhood and collect food items to donate. Check nearby churches. Many churches have community pantries and collection sites to donate food. The Maryland Food BankBMore Community Food, and Moveable Feast are a few organizations that provide food assistance to the community and always looking for helping hands. 
  • Build a Green Space: It is the perfect time to be outdoors, plant a vegetable garden, remove invasive English Ivy, and plant a pollinator garden. Check out local organizations such as Backyard BasecampPatterson Park Audubon, and Carrie Murray Nature Center that have opportunities for the entire family to enjoy nature, build a green space, and help your community.  

The sky’s the limit when you are looking for a great community cause to volunteer your family’s time. Visit to look for volunteer opportunities in your area.  

Remember to take a picture and use the hashtag #FamilyTreeVolunteer when you volunteer as a family. We love to see smiling faces (yes, under masks too) having fun and helping our community.  

If you are looking for more volunteer opportunities with the Family Tree, please join our family by emailing Lindsay Jacks, Volunteer Coordinator, 

Navigating parenting today can be hard, but we are here to support you! If you have questions about parenting in general, call our 24/7 Parenting HelpLine: 1-800-243-7337.  

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